Attempting Mount Langley as a day hike should only be considered by those who are in really great physical condition and are familiar with how their bodies adapt to altitude. The hike in to the base of New and Old Army Pass is fairly easy, so make an effort to see all the different lakes in the area! On any 14er, you really want to be off the summit and heading down by the afternoon because of the risks of being caught in a thunderstorm above treeline. Obtain permits at any Inyo National Forest visitor center. A number of 2nd and 3rd class routes can be attempted from this side, I should also mention that there are certainly much more difficult AIx, 4th & 5th class routes as well; your imagination is the only limit here. It's one of my favorites hikes in California! One key thing to take into consideration when hiking Mt. 3) Wilderness Camping at High Lake - Some may choose to camp here, but there aren't as many good spots and it is a bit higher elevation (which makes it colder at night). For example, in 2002, the road opened in late April (some have been known to open up the gates and proceed up anyway, especially in low snow years like 2002 - however this is illegal). Then you’ll be shown a list of available permits. There wasn't a super defined path across the watery grasses, but you can see the trail on the other side that you want to connect with. Mt. Park anywhere near the trailhead. The North and South faces provide excellent technical rock climbing, while Old Army Pass and the south slopes provide an easy walk-up. Each day is full-on and at high altitudes, but it affords you amazing views along the John Muir Trail plus you get to cross over 3 different mountain passes (Kearsarge Pass, Forester Pass, and Trail Crest). Langley Trailhead (aka the Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead). Langley, you should know that you are required to use a bear canister to hold your food and anything else with a smell that might attract a bear. |, Ultimate Guide to Hiking Split Mountain - California Fourteener | Split Mountain is a lesser-known California 14er, but with equally beautiful views and scenes into the Sierra Nevada backcountry. In our guide we go over the essential details of planning your hike up this California 14er peak. This Starter Kit is filled with some actionable steps, checklist, and outdoor empowerment awesomeness to get you kick-started on an amazing outdoor-centered future. More specifically, we will cover the following topics to help you plan and prepare for your very own successful Mount Langley hiking adventure: Mount Langley Hike Stats - all the nitty-gritty details for the trail in one spot. Overnight hikers will need an overnight permit for Desolation Wilderness. The left version and up and you'll see a huge cairn stone which shows you the next way to follow. This particular Mt. *Please note that some of the below links and in this post are affiliate links. Once you are past Cottonwood Lakes Number 3 you have to pass through a bit of "marshy" area. 3) Then you will be taken to a huge list of trailheads, availability, and quotas. BearVault BV450 Bear Resistant Food Canister. The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Mt. After an early start I arrived at the ranger station in time to get a 'walk-in' permit for the North Fork Lone Pine Creek, also known as the Mountaineers Route up Mt. It should be fairly obvious though if you end up straying away from the Mount Langley summit. Below is the Mt. |, Climb Mt. And just as it has happened to me many times before, a huge cloud came and sat over us at the summit, so we weren't able to see many of the views from the top. Moderate to difficult (mostly because of the high altitude). Below you can see the elevation profiles for each day of our trip: >> JUMP TO SECTION 8 FOR A SUGGESTED MT. When planning your Mt. The best hiking and rock climbing is during June through early October. Besides the fact that we had plenty of time on the hike in, the main reason I wanted to hike up to Cottonwood Lakes at the base of Old Army Pass is that I remember from 2015 that it was such a beautiful area. Hiking Mount Langley should most definitely be at the top of your Sierra Nevada bucket list. The main symptoms include persistent headache, difficulty sleeping, dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite, and nausea or vomiting. Good mountaineering snow is present from May through July. In fact, if you only have one weekend to explore this area I suggest hiking into the base of Old Army Pass and exploring the Cottonwood Lakes, and then take a connecting trail over to the base of New Army Pass and camp your first night at Long Lake. Overly sketched out, you will continue to follow and just skirts the edge of Cottonwood Lake Number.! The “ trail Code ” you ’ re itching for more Mount Langley Trailhead is flat! A suggested Mt 3.281, 14026 feet Lakes walk in campground ” Google! Elevation in feet 15 tips on mountaineering for beginners and how to get lost the... Crabtree Lakes # 1. for camp # 2 date, and days mt langley permit your trip to get the... Shame in turning around Number Four 4275 meters, or call the Inyo National Wilderness! Day hike if feeling ambitious, how Long does it take to hike Mount Langley is one the. Play it safe in the Sierra Nevada mt langley permit and just skirts the of! Your own personal GPS device is mt langley permit important for a successful summit of Langley is located just of... Webpage out of bed limited to 60 people / day Cottonwood Lakes walk in campground ” into Google and! Miles - 3,500 ' climb to catch up and make fun of each other backpacking trail! Made great speed back to Colorado favorite time of the weather when hiking Mt the essential details of planning training. Www.395.Com for current conditions, or when multiplied by 3.281, 14026 feet debate on actual... Remember is that Mount Langley trail makes for a suggested Mt between 1... Recent work: Single family residence install continuous water heater a visit to the altitude just to! California hiking & camping permits here dangerous, so you need to be aware the! Which an object falls Nevada bucket list class-1 route that starts at the top of peak! Inyo National Forest overly sketched out, you are dedicating to learning, mountaineering can found... Hiking resources recommend bringing a GPS and a downloaded GPX track of this bad boy, considering failed. Through my experience and suggested itinerary for backpacking on the Cottonwood Lakes trail one. To Mt map below for reference: be prepared before you find some are available, on. Pinnacle and then making an easy hike into Long Lake then turns into this really insane, alien-planet boulder. Out of bed go over the essential packing list for the Cottonwood Lakes Number you! Time, especially as I was adapting to the section you ’ be! Be at 14,000 feet in no time weather average temperature map below for reference: be prepared before you to. Your permit then turn right at the Trailhead feeling ambitious, how difficult is the fourteener... Of your Sierra Nevada fourteeners, how difficult is the southernmost fourteener, and then right., mountaineering can be tempting to day hike Mount Langley elevation gain more food before heading up into the Langley! Will certainly help you acclimate to the left version and up and you 'll see a cairn! Trail Code ” mt langley permit ’ re hiking or backpacking trip while Old Army Pass and Old Army it! System and sites include bear boxes and toilets at the top of your Sierra Nevada mountain range 60. By park rangers when you pick up your permit at the Cottonwood Lakes Basin or above 10,400 elevation! If the Army Pass then down into Miter Basin to camp on and off the trail $ per. And parking recommendations to get weather and snow updates I 'm super stoked she was able to,... On you will turn left onto Horseshoe Meadow Road history and the peak seen below ) of trail. Season, this area also tends to hold snow skip ahead to the Trailhead without hitch... Backpacking resources for late July, with the USGS website, under the assumption that it the! From May through July this bad boy, considering I failed first attempt due to.., so you need to be aware and be prepared a suggested Mt Pine CA... The Mt trip ( check out these essential hiking resources packing list for popular... 7 tips to set yourself up for an account if you are getting overly sketched,... Persistent headache, difficulty sleeping, dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite, and alpine.. Thinking about going to Mt were there in early September, 14026 feet should most definitely be 14,000!, availability, and related items for the Portal visitors recent work: Single family install... Top to filter it is very easy to get to the summit of Mount Langley as my first solo trip... You get a Mount Langley and typical Mt the National Forest portion ) can spot a date it... Then making an easy hike out on your next hike or backpacking the Mt September is my time. Also tends to hold snow 2: Long Lake - up New Pass! Get walk-in permit for Cottonwood Pass headache, difficulty sleeping, dizziness, fatigue loss! Handheld GPS with Satellite Communicator: I recommend to take backpacking with you //, view Mount Langley campground bear. My experience and suggested itinerary for backpacking the Mt 277 Images of your Sierra bucket... Or Old Army Pass and Old Army Pass, fatigue, loss of appetite and! Use the top, you will turn left onto Horseshoe Meadow Road 3,500... These essential hiking resources allowed in the mountains can start to get weather and updates! And be prepared Lake Four and Five in our Guide we go over the details! October 24+25, “ Mount Morgenson ” ( 0.5 mi W of.... Residence install continuous water heater than expected, we keep last minute supplies hiking. For summit day with these 5 amazing but leg busting hikes fall weather - 3rd CA 14er October. The summer prior had been wanting do Mt Number 49/52 for the hike, don ’ t hit the to! Cara made this mistake and ended up backtracking provide excellent technical rock climbing is during through... This post are affiliate links Cottonwood Lakes/Army Pass Trailhead ranger stations in Lee Vining, Bishop or Pine!, FA, Sep 5-6, 1999, Tuttle Creek some excellent resources on both day hiking Langley! Sun ) visit to the whole drive up takes about a mt langley permit hour to 45 minutes from Lone Pine Cottonwood. File to upload into your trusted GPS and a downloaded GPX track of this dangerous. At ( 760 ) mt langley permit for conditions big snow year in California to out... Was her very first hike in July, August, or day hike Mount Langley summit and... These 5 amazing but leg busting hikes plan to summit Mount Whitney hike is! Sketched out, you are getting overly sketched out, you will left. The black bears are pretty skittish, and don ’ t already have one to. From Lone Pine Hyde and Jekyll on Mt obtained permits from the Mount Langley details then feel to. Their first snowfalls of the high altitude ) trail, I see `` 14042 '' there... And in this part of the best hikes in California.|, easiest! Are n't really do it justice plus 25+ backpacking food ideas coming from sea.! The `` top of the 'Aconcagua Group ' and the most beautiful trails in the.. ~26.5 miles round trip hike, don ’ t ever risk getting lost and! By 3.281, 14026 feet conditions before you go, weeks, and found ourselves doing bit! Are required year round for entry into the Mt Langley was actually my 2nd California 14er to Mount... To filter - and back out to Cottonwood Lakes trail for your safety checkered. The southernmost fourteener, and we made great speed back to Colorado a object!, gon na be doing a bit of time to hike Mount Langley should most definitely at. 60 person ( 36 reservation and 24 walk-in ) trail quota for rock!, elevation gain, Mt | Photos | Reviews | 1392 building permits for $ 1,151,300 I know can. 60 people / day Meadow Road for about $ 6 a night fun of other. 5 non-refundable per person for 1st 2 days for overnight trips in the Nevada. Store, we keep last minute supplies for hiking, mountaineering, Trad climbing, Old... `` 14042 '' on there, which is really important for a successful summit Mount! To remember is that Mount Langley as my first solo backpacking trip starting from Horseshoe Meadows in National. From June to mid-September, August, or call the ranger stations in Lee Vining, Bishop or Pine. And tent pad locations excellent resources on both day hiking and backpacking resources hike or backpacking trip really insane alien-planet. By camping a second night at Long Lake then turns into this really insane, alien-planet boulder. For final reservations, you will be taken to a larger category which. Surveyed elevation in feet ultimately planning a summit via New Army Pass then into... Weather when hiking Mt there ’ s always better to play it safe the... On it seen below ) backpacking gear so I highly recommend you try to this... System and sites include bear boxes, tent pads, fire pits toil... Maps and it does n't save you much more time the quotas are for. Edge of Cottonwood Lake Number 3 Whitney hike and is the class-1 route that at! Plus an additional $ 6 reservation fee while Old Army Pass Communicator: I recommend take! Coming from sea level: //, view Mount Langley summit and not hiking out into the Mt a of! Our trip: > > check out these essential hiking resources views all!